How to use the Team Dashboard

Easily manage and invite your team members right from your Team Dashboard.


When you purchase a team subscription, you can get your team started right away by setting up your team and inviting your members via your Team Dashboard. Email them an invitation by filling in their email addresses, or share a special signup link with your team. Each person sets up their own username and password (and you can even designate certain team members to have access to your team dashboard to help invite/manage the team). You’ll be able to add or remove team members anytime from your dashboard.

Where to find it

Your Team Dashboard is inside your Account menu. Navigate to "My Account" in the top menu, then "Teams" in the side menu. If you're on a mobile device, BOTH of these menus might be collapsed into two separate menus, which you can expand by tapping the ≡ symbol.

Invite your team members

From within your Team Dashboard, you can invite team members by clicking “Add Member” on the left menu.

You can choose to either (1) provide a unique registration link that anyone can use (great for an email blast, Facebook group, Planning Center resource, etc.), or (2) send an email invitation by filling in their name and email address. Once they click one of those links, they will be prompted to create a username/password and join your team (if they already have an existing Worship Vocalist account on our site, they will be able to log into that existing account and connect it to your team as well). Then, tada! Instant access to all of the videos and training on the website. 

We send everyone a series of "getting started" emails after they join, that will walk them through the site and teach them how to use the resources available.

Manage team seats

From your dashboard, you can easily see a list of your current team members and how many seats you have left. Invite team members at any time following the steps outlined above. Need to delete a person? No problem, click “remove” and they instantly lose access to the content, freeing up a seat you can use for someone else. 

You can also designate certain team members as “managers” to help invite/manage the team. They won’t see or get access to any of your billing details or team settings, but they will be able to use the Members page to invite, manage and delete team members.

Track team progress

You will be able to see how your users are progressing through the courses, by clicking the "Learning Progress" link beside their name in the Member list. The report will open, showing each course and their progress through it—whether it's "not started", "in progress", or "completed", as well as the specific detail of how many lessons are complete if you click each course name. (Please note: the learning progress only reports the usage of courses on the site, not the other content contained in the Supplementary Training library.)

Manage the billing and other settings

Need to find a past order? Change the name? Update a payment method? Cancel an upcoming renewal? You can manage all that with a few clicks in the Dashboard. For any other help finding your way around, reach out below and let us know how we can assist you!

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