How to use “Discover Your Voice” as a team

The “Discover Your Voice” course is a great foundational starting point for beginners as well as for more experienced singers. It will give everybody some common language to use in talking about the voice—in the span of 7 lessons, they learn the basics on how to strengthen the voice, increase their range, improve their tone and get rid of vocal tension… including some downloadable workouts they can put on their phone and use wherever they are!

We recommend using the course as…

  • a first step for all vocalists on your team
  • a requirement for new vocalists on your team
  • a requirement for potential vocalists to complete as part of the audition process

Host a “Discover Your Voice” kick-off night

The Introduction video is great to watch as a group on a rehearsal night (52 minutes total). You can print off the workbook pages so people can take notes and answer discussion questions together.

Go through the course together

After the “kick-off night”, you could assign the remaining 5 lessons as homework over the next 5-10 weeks, or go all out and host gatherings to watch and discuss each video together… or, do a bit of both — have people work through the homework individually and then bring people together at the end to talk about and evaluate what they learned.

Do it right… don’t rush!

Each lesson has an accompanying vocal workout that ideally should be done at least 3-5 times before moving onto the next lesson. Depending on how busy your team members are, or how much you want to ask/require of them, you may want to spread it over 6 or even 12 weeks. For many vocalists who haven’t done much vocal training before, they find it difficult to fit in 3-5 days of vocal exercise, without being really intentional and focused! But encourage them… the workout can be done in the car on the way to or from work… as you do dishes… etc.!

The important thing is… do NOT rush going through the lessons! Some people try to cram the whole course all into one week… and then are frustrated that they’re not seeing a lot of results in their voice. Vocal training is a process that requires patience, diligence, and many days and weeks of doing the same things over and over and over, and eventually the voice begins to build new muscle memory and the improvement becomes very noticeable!

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