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Because of the measures required to ensure our site is compliant to the various privacy laws around the world, it’s possible you might see an empty video player (or just a blank space where the video should be) if you chose to not accept the use of cookies on our site. 

To identify if this is the issue, try these steps:
  • Revisit your "Cookie Settings" by clicking the link in the footer, or the red button on our Cookie Policy page.
  • Try enabling all cookies, or at least Functional cookies, and reload the problematic page to see if that fixes things. 
  • If still not working, clear the cookies in your browser settings (see instructions for Chrome & Android, Safari on Mac, iOS, Microsoft Edge) and try using the site again and see if that works now.
If you still need help, use our support chat and let us know what device you’re using, what page is having issues, and whether you’ve tried it out on a different device with similar results.
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