How to use our courses

Take a tour through our courses and see how they work!

Our Course Library

Our course library is available by clicking on the Courses top menu item in the navigation. You'll see a label on top of each one, showing your current progress: 

  • "Not Started"
  • "In Progress"
  • "Completed"

Course Homepage

Each course has a homepage explaining what's contained in that course. Jump into a specific lesson, view completion status of each lesson, and continue where you left off (or start from the beginning).

Course Lessons

Once inside a course lesson, the interface will show you lesson navigation on the left, main lesson content in the center, and some additional display options in the top corner. Find any downloadable materials and lesson resources in the "Materials" tab, and find any available audio workouts or comments beneath the video lesson.

From your Dashboard

When you log into your Member Dashboard, if you have active progress in a course, you will be able to jump right back to that lesson directly.

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